When an ox and a rat love each other very much… you get this sculpture! A recent commission based on the chinese zodiac animals.



This new species will be available at Guardino Gallery on Friday November 29th. The Heehoos are wall hanging sculptures and part of the illustrious Little Things show. Come and meet them!


For the Little Things show at the Guardino Gallery I made all kinds of creatures wearing tiny sweaters. This show of excellent art of 7 inches or less will open at Guardino Gallery, 2939 NE Alberta this Friday, November 29th 6 to 9 pm and run through December. Many of my favorite artists have pieces in this. The really cool thing is that you can buy art and take it home immediately, which is a plus if you are looking for presents!


Seems that I can’t stop knitting tiny sweaters this month, so it’s only fitting that I made turtlenecks for Jean-Claude and François the existentialist giraffes. You will be able to visit them and a bunch of other fine giraffes at the Good Gallery in December. Opening night for The Art Of Giraffe is on December 6th 7 to 9 pm at 4325 N Mississippi Ave. Always a good time!


I made some fridge magnets for the upcoming Trillium Holiday Show on December 7th and 8th. These are all cut out from my business cards and adorned with different hair, beards, glasses etc. They will sell to support a great school!


I am working on some sculptures for the December Little Things show at Guardino gallery. They are all different kinds of critters that have little hand knitted sweaters to keep them warm. As I often do, I started painting them with a black base layer. They looked so cool in silhouette in front of the window on my work table that I just had to share this little work-in -progress snapshot.


What an epic show! Sarah and I rolled out the river all around the room at the Albina Press. There are boats and animals, bridges and water animals, mermaids and dragon flies.river_03albina-press-01 albina-press-02

This week we cut the rough shapes for the river that will go all the way around the room in our upcoming art show River Without End. Sarah Hall is measuring the pieces and Catherine, our australian trailer guest is helping out too. For now the pieces are labeled and going back into the rafters of the garage. The whole layout is planned in Sketchup and Photoshop. I really hope that everything will fit together as planned and that I did my math right.