I made some fridge magnets for the upcoming Trillium Holiday Show on December 7th and 8th. These are all cut out from my business cards and adorned with different hair, beards, glasses etc. They will sell to support a great school!


I am working on some sculptures for the December Little Things show at Guardino gallery. They are all different kinds of critters that have little hand knitted sweaters to keep them warm. As I often do, I started painting them with a black base layer. They looked so cool in silhouette in front of the window on my work table that I just had to share this little work-in -progress snapshot.


What an epic show! Sarah and I rolled out the river all around the room at the Albina Press. There are boats and animals, bridges and water animals, mermaids and dragon flies.river_03albina-press-01 albina-press-02

This week we cut the rough shapes for the river that will go all the way around the room in our upcoming art show River Without End. Sarah Hall is measuring the pieces and Catherine, our australian trailer guest is helping out too. For now the pieces are labeled and going back into the rafters of the garage. The whole layout is planned in Sketchup and Photoshop. I really hope that everything will fit together as planned and that I did my math right.




This will be our official postcard/invitation for the October show at Albina Press Hawthorne. Still a lot to do, but feeling really good about all the art we have made already. It’s going to be huge!

River Without End

A sneak preview for the River Without End art show in October. SarahHall and I have been working on this for quite a while now and I have a feeling that it’s going to be spectacular. We painted 300 feet of river last week. The Enormous Kraken was shot at the one and only Mocohut. Thank you Mocohut!


My contribution to the anatomy-themed group show Pieces And Parts at my favorite little gallery: Liver Pirates, matey. Join us for the opening at Good Gallery this Friday, July 5th from 7 to 10 pm, there’s bound to be some good, some strange and some beautiful.


Lemmy and Zoot get color! I usually start with a couple of coats of black as a foundation. Then I dry-brush the color on top. Painting the eyes comes last. And I never forget to varnish the eyes to give them that extra little spark of life. Lemmy and Zoot’s mum was overjoyed when I delivered the pair. Lemmy and Zoot the actual cats didn’t seem to care.


I win every election because I get to collect free art materials in the form of yard signs. Sturdy, waterproof, lightweight AND free! I have a fantasy of collecting enough of them to make a tower of cards as high as a house.


In case you’ve been wondering what my sculptures look like on the inside, here is a step by step documentation on the making of Lemmy and Zoot. I start out with balled up newspaper inside a cage of chicken wire, then I cover the rough shape with my first layer of paper mache. In the oven I speed up their drying time so I can get to the next step. Paper mache takes a long time to dry, so anything I do has to be able to fit in the oven. Bigger projects have to wait until summer when I can dry them outside.



Next I make some eyes and teeth out of sculpey. My scale drawing comes in handy for that. I make some extra ones, so I’ll have plenty to choose the right ones from. Zoot gets a face, together with a second, smoother layer of paper mache. Lemmy has to wait  for his face for complicated reasons having to do with the materials and the height of the oven. Back in the oven they go.



More bits get added. Lemmy’s legs  and Zoot’s back legs get a layer of aluminum foil and then get covered with Magic Sculpt, an extra hard epoxy that I use for the most fragile parts. Back in the oven with them! I put a sign on the oven so that nobody accidentally pre-heats the oven to 500 degrees to make a pizza and incinerates my kitties. My family knows how to interpret signs like this.



Lemmy’s tail and Zoot’s front leg get a layer of a finer, harder paper mache and the lads get epoxy ears.  Haunches get smoothed out. Back in the oven two more times! Zoot has quite the zombie look there.



Finally Lemmy gets his ears and face, Zoot gets a tail and they go into the oven one last time.

lemmy+zoot_sculpting_05Next will be paint!